BANKS - 'Mind Games'

BANKS, the queen of pulsing synth chords, is back. Her sophomore record The Altar is approaching, slated for release on September 30, and she has released the next single from the record. 'Mind Games', a big track with a demanding message.

Beginning with vocals processed through a vocoder, the track hauntingly builds into a quiet somber piano under BANKS' pleading vocals. The chorus is brought in with a more threatening synth beginning to swell as BANKS becomes more passionate in her words and delivery. The entire song swells and flows into one big climax before ending on a quiet note to end it out on. The quiet reprieve almost sounds like a defeat, and given the message, it's pretty heartbreaking.

In the track, BANKS signs of a relationship in which she was used. The song begins with her woefully recalling, "That you would love me better if I could unscrew all of your moods that make me wanna run away," the message already clear and understood as the track begins. It goes on to speak of the nature of an abusive relationship; she wants to leave, but in her eyes, her partner is perfect, and if she leaves, "I’m scared I won’t find other muses / Cause I know you like golden days." The choruses plead: "Do you, see me now?" It's the final straw - this song is the breaking point.

BANKS' new album is progressively becoming more and more developed. 'Mind Games' is a big track, and an important one, for sure. The Altar is building up to be a very personal record for her. BANKS isn't holding back.

Rating: 80 / 100