Happy New Year! Site Updates & More For 2017

Happy New Year, everyone! Now that it's 2017, it's time to change up the site a bit. Here's some updates we've made in the last few days.

New Look

It's pretty noticeable if you've visited the site before, but we've moved the site to a new template! We're still working out some of the kinks here and there, but we already love it. If you have any recommendations as to what else we can improve, be sure to let us know.

New Homepage

Along with the new look, we've also remodeled the homepage so it fits in with the new style. You can access the latest reviews and news, some of our featured posts, our top picks from the year, our schedule for the week, and some of our latest social media posts.

2017 Rankings

Let's face it - our 2016 Top 10s page was a big mess. We've cleaned it up big time - in our brand new 2017 Rankings page, you can find our Top Album and Song of the year, as well as the week's Throwback Review. Click on one of the buttons under our Top Pick and find our Top 10s of the year, and beyond that our rankings of all albums and songs of the year. Not only is it a lot more pleasing to look at, but it's also easier for us to manage, too. Putting it lightly, the old page was a pain in the ass to manage. It's already a lot easier to work with this year, and we're excited to use it this year. We'll start updating the Top 10s of the year at the end of January - then we'll update it as soon as there's a change in the order.

Schedule Page

Keeping a schedule used to be a bit hard for us, but no longer! Head on over to our new Schedule page to see what albums we'll be reviewing in the future. Set your alarms or reminders if you see something you're excited for! We'll be updating this page regularly, and as soon as we decide on what to review. This page is more for us, admittedly, but you can always check our our schedule freely now. Additionally, head to the bottom of our home-page to see what we're reviewing in the next week.

We'll be constantly updating the site throughout the year, so we'll keep you updated on anything big we change or introduce. We have some ideas to work towards, so keep an eye our. If you have any recommendations, be sure to let us know! You can reach us on Twitter, our Facebook page, or on Instagram. We hope the new year is treating you well!